New Installations

A typical new installation might consist of the following;

   Extract Documents, Pictures, Music, iTunes Library, Email History, and    Email Addresses from old machine (even if the old machine no longer    starts).
   Set-up new machine and ensure all cables are tidy (if applicable).
   Remove any superfluous software.
   Install any printers (including wireless printers).
   Install the customer's nominated anti-virus software (this may include the
   transfer of an existing subscription).
   Install MS Office (this may be by use of an existing MS Office license from    the old machine).
   Import Documents, Pictures and Music.
   Configure email program and import email history and addresses (if    applicable).
   Install iTunes, Skype and other required software.

All installations are different and tailored to the customer's needs. The comprehensiveness of our installations exceeds those offered by all national chains.

We give advice on choice of new system and are happy to assist with any online ordering process.